History of the Cooperative: “Nuestro Ambiente Limpio coop.ltda”

In Jose   C. Paz,  Argentina.

Our history starts in 2009, originated by the lack of employment of everyone that participated in that moment.

This emerges as a project of the Environment Department of Jose C. Paz, Province of Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of the Director Ana María Bianchini and me, the founder.

The next step was to make a pilot test with the support of the University of Lujan (UNLU) and the Biosfera Foundation.

Our job started raising the consciousness of our neighborhood called Barrio Iglesia about the modification of actions regarding the elements that are wasted and the importance of classifying them in “Dry” or “Wet”. Once this work started, we managed to achieve the “door to door action” and establish conduct guidelines.

This test was successful in a three-month period and gave rise to our self-
managed recycling cooperative of the area of José C. Paz.

The materials we used as our source of work which gave rise to the cooperative are the following:

Different types of cardboard and paper, nylon, disposable bottles and all kind of glasses, as well as all the bazaar elements that come from plastic materials and from materials in form of Tetra Brick (tomato sauce boxes, yoghurt pots, wine, among others).

Our cooperative has been struggling for five years with a lot of effort, human work, with the difficulty of lacking the appropriate working tools, physical space and people with specific knowledge which are necessary for the area.

In order to continue growing and becoming stronger, we need the collaboration of the families that from their homes can do the same that our neighbors do to take care of the environment, and of the companies in the waste of the trash that is generated by the normal functioning of the operative and administrative management.

We invite you to join our project collaborating with elements of personal protection, physical space, appropriate training, and Office-program courses  for our people. It is very important to have the support of companies or organizations that could transport tons of materials for their reindustrialization and post sale.

Our challenge is to reach the direct sale of the industries that consume these materials that return to the market, and after some time, to be our own producers of the same obtained elements that are inserted in the market.

(*) History written by the president of the cooperative “Blanca Rosa Madrid”.






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