Presentation the Negocios & Management

NEGOCIOS & MANAGEMENT is a corporate magazine. Its contents aim to assess leaders/managers and directors in their everyday work. It contains articles that lead us to reflect.  Also, it provides information of the writer´s country and assessment.

N&M has the special feature of easy Access (http://negociosymanagement.com.ar/) free of charge and international.

Eventhough its origin is in Argentina, the magazine looks to provide, through the many sections to share, compare and to know the different realities of the business world.

Its contents are:

  • Articles: Specialized professionals write about their area of expertise. It is done voluntarily and participatory.  Following the company´s philosophy, this activity is non profit. Each article published not only aims to highlight the professional´s knowledge but also to provide the readers with a more formative rather than informative information.


  • Readers Benefits: This space has been created to give our readers exclusive benefits. Our interest is that every reader, every company that reads and shares our material with their work team is able to access benefits in the purchase of goods and or services.


  • Job Search: In this section we provide with a search for different job positions, middle and senior management (Professionales/Leaders/Managers/Directors).


  • Cooperatives: In this section we publish stories from cooperative associations and articles related to cooperativism. Activities and interviews related to this topic and the connection to the business world.


  • Articles in other languages: These articles are written by specialists in their fields of expertise who write in antoher language or translators that willingly and in a non profit manner translate the articles published in this section.


  • Interviews: We interview people with a long and illustrious careers that have key job positions in companies and are essential to the organization.


  • Events: Under this section we promote open activities, courses, workshops, expositions, launches, congresses, among others with the sole purpose to assess our readers in the search for professional formation and update.


  • Forums: In this section we publish different activities that take place in forums within Argentina and around the world.


  • Foundations: We publish different stories from foundations, community action plans, activities and interviews related to this field in order to colaborate with these organizations and assess our readers in the actions of the RSE.


  • Company History: Companies can tell their history from an institutional or commercial point of view. The history is told by the founder of the company or the most senior employee. Thus achieving that every family member of the employee, reader and potential client may know the beginnings of the brand and its history.


  • Article of the month: It gives the possibility to look for articles published by month. Select the month you want and you´ll be able to se everything that was published within that period.


  • Services to the reader: We understand that our public is mostly managers and need to be in constant search for suppliers. This is why, in this section, we offer information and proposals from different companies about their goods and services.


  • News: Our magazine is constantly growing and this generates news that NEGOCIOS&MANAGEMENT wants to share with its readers. This section is a preview of the contents in the magazine. Recently published material, market news. In addition, this section is complemented with projects and launches being presented in the labour and commercial market.


  • Search: It is the “search engine” in the magazine and it helps to better find articles and other previous publications.


  • Recent entries: This allows the reader to easily see the last articles and or news published.


  • Labels: If you are interested  in a specific topic you can simply click on the word of your interest and read all about it. The Label relates the word to all the articles and publications in the magazine.


  • Contact us: In this section you can find all the information from writers who have published articles within that month and information on the magazine´s staff members. You can also find information on how to join the social networks.


Additional information

The magazine grows because we are able to foresee what our readers and their companies need. This is why we carefully choose the profile of the person who writes in our magazine. We listen to consultant experts and look for the information they need.

NEGOCIOS & MANAGEMENT offers the following advertising spaces:

  • Institutional logo in our home webpage and a link to the company´s webpage.
  • Webpage links in the section “Sites of interests”.
  • Advertising spots in the “Service” section. As well as price promotions, services, products etc.
  • Job classifieds in the “Job search” for professionales, team leaders, managers and directors.
  • Publication of many company activities, training, congresses, expositions, among others in the “Events” section.
  • “Readers´ Benefits” discounts to readers of the magazine issued by the sponsoring companies.
  • Institutional  stories in the “Company History” section. “Cooperatives”, “Foundations” and “Asociations”.
  • You can upload company videos and information in the “Institutional Videos” in the “Company History” section as well as in the “Service” section.
  • News, this space is dedicated to our sponsors and the information they wish to convey to the market. For example, Opening of a new branch, company promotions, product launch, closing dates to workshops.
  • Benefit programme to the writer, NEGOCIOS & MANAGEMENT offers the possibility to companies to give prizes to our readers, translators and the staff members of the magazine by making an agreement in which this action is advertised in the magazine, social netwoks at no cost on behalf of the magazine.
  • Contests, raffles and othes: We invite all companies to join this section so that the services or products they offer can be raffled. The magazine advertises these contests or raffles in social networks and companies benefit by receiving advertising in the magazine.


Thank you for choosing us…we continue working to meet your needs!



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