The challenge of being a BOSS

By María Juliana Gabás, from Capital Federal, Argentina.

Text translated by Macarena B. Ermilio from Capital Federal, Argentina.

Indicators to take into consideration, for people who, without any experience, assume that role.

Thinking about the way in which the position of a Boss has to be executed, has a very broad answer with many nuances that can vary according to the organization where you work.


In many organizations, being a boss is a kind of an authoritarian leadership that nowadays is trying to be disguised with the world leader. Current bosses look for a charismatic acceptance of their staff, which is not always achieved. When a person does not have experience in this role, the biggest worry of the person that has that position, comes from the “Trust”, “ Respect” “Specific Answers”, “Effective Communication” and “Efficiency” that he or she required from the staff. If you, reader, are a boss, I suggest  that you consider some of the actions I mention below, and observe which ones you feel identified with and/or you apply:

  • Do you make time to listen to the requests of your collaborators?
  • Do you apply an active listening?
  • Do you admit when you are wrong or you just ignore it?
  • Do you supervise the tasks you delegate during the time of process or do you just wait for them to finish and after that you make your contribution?
  • When you require a task…do you explain the why and for what? How it has to be done? Do you check if it is understood?

Asking the staff of an area about how good is the boss they have, is an answer that many of these middle managers are afraid to listen to.

In most cases, the boss is related to a type of inherited leadership that frequently the person that occupies that role, for not having experience, turns it into an authoritarian role.

It is clear that the position of the boss is not elected by the subordinates, and that there is a situation of power that causes that not all the bosses wish to agree with their actions in favor of a better environment and labor relationship.

So, according to the type of the profile of the BOSS, it is the result / answer that the work team will have.

If you are an authoritarian boss and wish to be a charismatic leader, I recommend you some tips that will guide you to a better position at your job:

  • Show abilities of  autocriticism and continuous learning.
  • Show humility, even when you think you should receive medals.
  • Listen and give clear answers.
  • Do not give rise to commitments and expectations of situations that you know in advance that will not be fulfilled.
  • Do not deliver confusing, ambiguous and/or contradictory messages.
  • Defend your staff publicly and amend the mistakes (behind closed doors).
  • Generate admiration through facts during the time and not with words that vanish.
  • Establish clear objectives, accompanied by  a description of the impact that could have their implication.
  • Create an environment of continuous credibility and respect, inside an informal environment.
  • Express expectations and modality of work.
  • Admit with words and emails the achievements obtained of one or more members of your team.
  • Detect the motivations and self motivations in order to obtain better results.


Remember that:

“A Boss is like the father of a family, if he is feeling sad…his sons will be sad as well…”






Translator’s profile:

Macarena B. Ermilio es Traductora Pública en idioma inglés egresada de la Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. Se dedica a realizar traducciones de documentos públicos (contratos, partidas, poderes) y no públicos (libros de textos para posgrados UBA – UMSA, artículos de revistas, etc.). Es Freelance en MBE Traducciones


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