The importance of doing software tests

By Lourdes Soules de Caseros city, Argentina.

Text translated by Lucila Agustina Norry, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tests are of great importance in order to guarantee the quality of the programs.

What proves better at early stages is testing, since finding errors in specification or at the first steps of development reduces costs.

The main objectives of doing tests are:

  • Detecting errors
  • Having a good test case
  • Finding an error which was not previously found.


Test Principles

  • Doing a follow-up on tests until customer’s requirements are met.
  • Introducing and designing tests before coding
  • Starting tests by individual modules and finish them by testing the system in full.
  • Exhaustive tests are not possible.
  • Tests should be done by a team independent of the development team.

Attributes for a good test

  • Higher probability of finding an error
  • It should not  be redundant
  • It should not be either too simple or too complex

Tests Levels

  • Integration tests: compatibility and functionality of interfaces among the various ‘parts’ of a system are tested. These ‘parts’ can be modules, individual applications, customer/server applications, etc. This type of tests is especially relevant in distributed applications.
  • Validation tests: these tests are done on fully integrated software to assess the fulfillment of specified requirements.
  • System tests: the validated software is integrated to the rest of the system which includes some types of tests, namely:

Performance: these tests determine response times, space occupied by the module in disc or memory, flow of data generated through a communication channel, etc.

Resistance: these tests determine to what extent a specific program can support.




Translator’s profile:

Lucila Agustina Norry es Traductora Pública en idioma inglés egresada de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Se dedica a la capacitación en idioma inglés de negocios y con objetivos específicos, principalmente inglés técnico, económico y legal, tanto en instituciones públicas (BCRA, CNV, Aerolíneas Argentinas) como en empresas privadas de primera línea. Brinda servicios de traducción en los pares de idiomas inglés <>español de documentos Comerciales (Contratos, actas, minutas, informes, estados contables), documentos legales (demandas, sentencias, escritos judiciales), documentos Públicos (Certificados, Diplomas, C.V.), documentos técnicos (manuales, informes técnicos) y sitios web.


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