Advantages of taking mate at work and benefits to health

By Luciana Tenreyro de Buenos Aires city, Argentina

Translated by Lucila Agustina Norry from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Taking mate is part of the customs shared by all people from Argentina and some border countries. It is a habit enjoyed by millions of people and it also provides various benefits to health and work teams.

Taking mate is not only a way of spending time in chaos or leisure moments but it also allows working more pleasantly, reflecting, chatting, integrating people you spend a lot of hours with at work, among other several activities which are always accompanied by mate.


Mate is part of several environments and the office is one of them. It is part of the daily routine, it socializes and, furthermore, it improves health as well as labor performance.


Let’s start discussing the benefits of mate on health.

It is nutritive and cardioprotective: it provides B1, B2 vitamins, more than ten types of aminoacids, iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium, it is very similar to green tea. Furthermore, studies carried out in the U.S.A. state that it has the capacity of increasing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in blood and of increasing an enzyme (paraoxonase-1) which protects the heart.

It helps creating the habit of drinking water: though it is advisable to drink two or three liters of water daily, mate helps the body to get used to drinking liquid, but it is not useful to hydrate directly as it have a mild diuretic effect.

It provides antioxidants: these are substances which provide a lot of positive effects on cell aging. They  also help preventing various diseases and they are useful to get rejuvenating effects. Regular intake of mate helps preventing oxidation and cell wear and tear.

It reduces anxiety: many patients from in-company nutritional medical service say when they are under labour stress, they sometimes feel anxious and go directly to confectionary vending machines and eat without reason, as a consequence of this situation. However, after being advised on mate consumption, they express this situation has improved. They feel entertained, busy and they reduce the consumption of junk food as mate provides satiety sensation.

Mate should be sugar free or with some kind of sweetener to reduce the consumption of needless sugar and to avoid adding “empty” calories. Stevia and sucralose are the most natural of all of the sweeteners  available.

It has laxative effects: Mate is used in acute or chronic treatments for constipation and associated disorders.

It provides Xanthine, included in “yerba mate” and known as mateine. It is a “relative”of caffeine and produces a soft relaxation of muscles. It improves psychomotor activity, promotes mind activity, increases energy, concentration capacity and physical fatigue resistance. The stimulating effect of mate is longer than the coffee effect and has no side effects as insomnia and irritability.

Socializing: this may be the most well-known advantage and we cannot leave it out. Mate is always part of conversations, meetings and arguments as well. It also generates friendship and interpersonal relationships.


So, what are the benefits of drinking mate at the office?

If we drink mate at work, we can be more energetic and vital, we can have more concentration power, we can be less nervous, less anxious and there can be an increase in the resistance to physical and mental fatigue.


I hope you find this article useful and I invite you to share your comments and experiences on the topic.





Translator’s profile:

Lucila Agustina Norry es Traductora Pública en idioma inglés egresada de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Se dedica a la capacitación en idioma inglés de negocios y con objetivos específicos, principalmente inglés técnico, económico y legal, tanto en instituciones públicas (BCRA, CNV, Aerolíneas Argentinas) como en empresas privadas de primera línea. Brinda servicios de traducción en los pares de idiomas inglés <>español de documentos Comerciales (Contratos, actas, minutas, informes, estados contables), documentos legales (demandas, sentencias, escritos judiciales), documentos Públicos (Certificados, Diplomas, C.V.), documentos técnicos (manuales, informes técnicos) y sitios web.



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