Celiac disease as a guiding thread to labor and social inclusion

By María Juliana Gabás de Buenos Aires city, Argentina.

Translated by Lucila Agustina Norry from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have been doing research on the celiac disease and its social and labor impact on those suffering from this disease for a term longer than a year.

Although I am not celiac or have a relative with celiac disease, I started to study the topic and learn about a world which was unknown to me in the past. By interviewing people who live with the disease , analyzing actions and activities developed by the associations of celiac people, as well as social and labor events, which have been some of the tools I used to prepare this material shared with you.

During a year of corporate events, informative sessions, business cocktails, training courses at various universities and companies, I did not find any indicative sign informing that food without gluten, barley, rye or wheat (without “T.A.C.C.”) was included,  in compliance with laws and regulations set forth some years ago.

This situation made me realize that celiac people become  excluded from labor events, such as training courses, lunch events, family days, among others, unless they bring their lunch box (food tray) from their home to work or the event.

There are organizations which have not become aware of this situation yet, some others do not want to undertake this responsibility because the costs of doing so are higher and require greater logistics, and others do not know how to implement it.

In this issue, social responsibility starts from social awareness, labor awareness-raising and government assistance.

If we focus on the role of HHRR department within an organization, we consider this is the area that has to work on detecting the disease, prepare awareness sessions to inform about healthy food, provide gluten free food and beverages in group activities and include vending machines with gluten free food. It also has to arrange with gluten free products suppliers to offer discounts in company canteens or shops nearby, and it has to inform, by internal means of communication, the benefits of consuming “All” of these products.

There are many myths which are increasingly disappearing in some areas of our country. For example, the food is more expensive ( although it is difficult to get many of the required products in Argentina, leading milk brands already have the necessary process to make all consumers drink the same milk and at the same price, unlike those who do not have the certification. The same applies to milk cream and other commodities of massive consumption).

Another myth is that food is not so tasty. Well, I can say the flavor is “different”, even though there are more and more products which resemble the traditional flavor, the one we are used to tasting in regular food.

It is essential that organizations, regardless of their kind and industry, succeed in promoting integration of their working teams based on gluten-free food consumption. In this way, the need (that celiac people have) turns into desire (for those who do not suffer from it), achieving healthy, united and integrated eating habits.

What do you think about it? Why don’t we start to raise awareness of this issue within our organizations?





Translator’s profile:

Lucila Agustina Norry es Traductora Pública en idioma inglés egresada de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Se dedica a la capacitación en idioma inglés de negocios y con objetivos específicos, principalmente inglés técnico, económico y legal, tanto en instituciones públicas (BCRA, CNV, Aerolíneas Argentinas) como en empresas privadas de primera línea. Brinda servicios de traducción en los pares de idiomas inglés <>español de documentos Comerciales (Contratos, actas, minutas, informes, estados contables), documentos legales (demandas, sentencias, escritos judiciales), documentos Públicos (Certificados, Diplomas, C.V.), documentos técnicos (manuales, informes técnicos) y sitios web.


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