Companies without soul, companies doomed to fail.

By Rafael Cera de Huelva city, España.

Translated by Marcela Fabiana Dubois, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We know how companies behave either by means of our own experience or because of mass media, which do not get involved with social needs.  Sometimes the actions turn out more serious when these companies commit offences against the community.  These companies and those, which put ahead any other criterion other than social welfare, I call them without soul… and without soul we are nothing.

It is somehow assumed that companies only exist to make money, just to make money. In fact, many companies are considered to be successful when they posses very wealthy accounts and when stockholders and businessmen amass vast fortunes. You may say that this behavior takes place among people who do not really get involved in the business world, and you are right. The point is that the society is made up of these people, who do not go in depth into the business world. There are also many businessmen and businesswomen that agree on this core idea in order to get the most out of the business. Many businessmen, entrepreneurs, companies Directors cling to these core ideas or even if they do not, their work is controlled by the income they generate. Thus, many companies must have the mission of making money and the values to reach this mission, are sometimes not good at all for the community. Making money is their main goal and their actions are most of the times, poorly ethical, and legal or show no interest for society.

There is only one shared idea, that to be competitive we must be cheaper than others. So to reach the goal, you have to be cheaper than other companies and reduce costs in all the areas. This idea does not aim at increasing efficiency but at reducing costs. So, there is wage reduction; hiring of inexperienced employees or employees having the imperative need to work and get very low salaries, there are also overworked suppliers and there is a real financial engineering work related to taxes (which are not paid at all or they are paid in other countries).  The outsourcing of employees who work under inhuman conditions (some companies take advantage of their poignant social and economic condition) hiring cheap labor and child labor. In short, when it comes to reducing costs you can see their souls and the values that prevail in these companies. In my opinion businessmen or specialists on cost reduction (mass layoffs, lowering budgets) downsizing negotiations, signing lower salaries contracts, etc. are not professionals whom I may admire as they do not show professional capacity.  However, I do admire those professionals who increase efficiency levels, those who obtain more keeping the same costs or lowering them but without sacrificing anything or anybody important for the company.

So what does a company having soul mean? A company that has a soul is an organization that has the mission of creating wealth for society, distributing it ethically and responsibly to each group, which contributed to get this wealth, that make use of this wealth to achieve competitiveness but equitably distributed to the society from which those companies live. So you may say that there are few companies that have soul. There are more than you believe, I can see this soul in big companies but mainly in SMEs and micro-companies, which as you know, represent 90% of Spain´s business net.

Do companies without soul have a place in the business market? I get the feeling that they do not, due to the fact that through mass media, clients may have access to information concerning dark sceneries performed by some companies and also because the community is demanding to live in a better, sustainable and fair world. It is also true that once the legislation clearly promotes companies having soul, this will definitely help to achieve other companies having soul and thus to be conscious of real social responsibility, other than advertising. There are constant efforts to provide companies with a soul, to have concern for the client, to develop RSC programs (Corporate Social Responsibility), to implement stronger and more social legislations (there is too much to be done). Association of consumers, groups of social health, competitive companies having more respect for the workers, and not turning their backs to society needs, all these symptoms show that we are on the right way but slowly very slowly, far too slowly. There are economic centers based on speculation or virtual economy in developed countries, where speculation is a most deeply rooted concept that devastates companies having soul.

Our society needs companies having soul. People who believe such companies have less profitability, less revenue, more costs, less competitiveness, are not really certain of that. The fact is that they are not capable of foreseeing new business scenarios because they associate social responsibility with less competitiveness, and this is a partial vision of all the opportunities offered to these companies that have soul.

To have a soul must imply to be competitive, and it is absolutely demonstrated that this soul is profitable from all business points of view. However, companies having soul demand a higher business training of its leaders and Board of Directors, Companies that also demand more efficiency performance, values, policies and more relevant processes directed towards other goals other than economic aims. In short, what I mean is that another business model should be designed and implemented.

A company that has no soul does not mean that it cannot earn money, on the contrary, but it is important to know how the company obtains this money, what is the activity to which the company is dedicated. These aspects show what kind of soul a company has. If the company has no soul, if it does not get involved with the society in which it lives, if somehow it does not respect society and do things to improve this society, this company will just wander around the markets, looking for a place, which sooner or later, this very society will deny and finally this company will disappear.





Translator´s profile:

Fabiana Dubois es Traductora Pública en idioma inglés, egresada de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata y matriculada en el C.T.P.C.B.A. Brinda traducciones inglés <> español de documentos legales(partidas de nacimiento, de matrimonio, de defunción, apostillas, analíticos, pasaportes, etc.); documentos técnicos (manuales de consolas, grúas, cámaras y otros  productos relacionados a los medios de comunicación);  textos periodisticos relacionado con politica nacional e internacional, entre otros.




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